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why fāv

Do you keep trying to love the purse you bought, but the strap is too long, short or never feels comfortable?

Do you want to carry your “Go To” purse, but the strap is weathered & worn out?

Have you ever been in the grocery store & absentmindedly left your BAG in the cart unguarded, to get items you need? 

Do you wish you could have a strap & purse that allows you to wear it different ways?

Would you like to be able to get your little one (s) out of the car  without having your purse in your way?

Would you like to go to public venues & avoid setting your purse on the floor, on the back of a chair or having it fall on the ground?

Do you ever hang your purse strap on a restaurant hook, only to forget it?

Would you like your handbag to work for you? (instead of the other way around)!

Are you constantly searching for a purse strap that’s comfortable, safe & stylish at the same time?

What would you think if we told you that the fāv chain system could transform your favorite handbag, customizing it to your needs, with the outfit you’re wearing NOW in a fast & easy manner?

EVERY chain we make is OUR standard 57" long, which is the longest in the industry, giving your handbag maximum options.  It is made of aluminum, (NOT iron which is heavy) , so it is very lightweight & comfortable! Looks are deceiving!

Do you travel & need your clothes & purse to be versatile through many lifestyle situations?

Is traveling difficult because you never have enough space or have too much weight in your luggage?  The fāv chain system & our fāv go-to bag it the perfect ensemble to take you through any activity & event fashionably & with confidence! Our go-to bag is great for public events like concerts, games, etc. where restrictions are in place. 

With the fāv chain system, you can have most of your handbags (excluding extra- large bags of duffel bags of course) transition easily & quickly (we’re talking less than one minute!  


single shoulder


hand held

Women carry a purse/handbag most everyday & fāv would like to make it easier, prettier & more safe.

Life can be complicated, your purse/handbag doesn’t have to be!